Monday, July 29, 2013

What can be so wrong with being tan?

You may not know it, but there’s a silent “tan backlash” going on right now. When studies began coming out last year saying that the chance of acquiring melanoma from tanning increases to 70% the younger you start, that prompted all the other sectors to attack the tanning industry like the latter was peddling cigarettes to kids rather than simply offering them a chance to be beautiful. Unfortunately, that also rang true for folks who will otherwise buy tanning lotion in Canada—it practically scared them off!

However, before you join the fray and sharpen your knives for the offensive, think about the reason why tanning became very popular in the first place. Sure, the whole process makes you beautiful or handsome when you buy devoted creations lotion, but more than that, it allows you to radiate a sense of “health” that you otherwise would not have when you’re simply looking yourself. Really, all you need to do is to look back at all the Hollywood stars of yesteryear and see how tanning was associated with beauty even back then!

So, the issue which should be discussed here is not that the process of tanning should be banned wholesale. Rather, it should be about the safer options available to tanning. If you bother to look up on the study, they would say that the danger is IN the tanning beds. In other words, it’s much safer to buy tanning lotion in Canada than directly exposing your skin to a tanning bed!
Simply put, there really is nothing wrong with tanning.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cypher Optimizer Step 2 Lowest Price VS. Expensive Tanning Salon Services

Cypher Optimizer Step 2 lowest priceFor those who prefer deflecting from high fees from the services of tanning salons, sunless tans can now be acquired through Cypher Optimizer Step 2 lowest price. Because this designer tanning lotion is online everywhere today, one can order designer tanning lotion at a price she can easily afford. The designer tanning lotion would be quick to arrive at her doorstep, too.

The tanning salons are likely to charge larger fees for their tanning services. This is one way that many girls and guys today acquire that sun-kissed glow to their skin. Of course, there are some who prefer to get a tan the traditional way as well---by sunbathing at least once or twice a week. One should know however that tanning salons, apart from being expensive can prove harmful to the skin. It is one of the reasons why many develop skin cancer when they reach a ripe age today. The tanning equipment and the products used in these establishments exposes the skin to UV radiation which when one has too much of, can lead to a high risk of developing cancer.

 Designer tanning lotions have the same effect as these tanning salons’ services. The only difference is that the risk of developing skin cancer may be reduced.

Cypher Optimizer Step 2 is known to have ingredients that can activate the proteins in the body that helps melanin produce a darker color thus giving anyone that uses this product the tan she’s been looking for. One can order designer tanning lotion at the cheapest price possible and save herself from skin cancer and other skin diseases at the same time. Buying Cypher Optimizer Step 2 lowest price online should do the trick.

Choose Pauly D Tanning Lotion in Canada and Go 2 Shades Darker

Anyone can now buy the Pauly D tanning lotion in Canada. Many have compared this tanning lotion to getting tans in salons in Canada. The effect is the same. The Pauly D tanning lotion can even make some girls two shades darker from their original skin color. And this is why today, more women and some men buy tanning lotion in Canada.

One thing that Pauly D has over other tanning lotions is that it is free of the harmful ingredient that is DHA. It is safe to apply on the skin. Users have said in their reviews of the product that blends with the skin just fine. It does not wash off easily as well.

Pauly D tanning lotion is heavily based on aloe vera. Aloe vera is soothing to the skin. It does not harm it at all. It also has anti-aging ingredients in it like antioxidants from cranberry. It has olive oil as well which makes it healthier to use.

There’s no harm done when buying Pauly D tanning lotion in Canada. Canada is a cold place and in order to get that summertime, golden tan, there is the need for many to buy tanning lotion in Canada. One does not have to head to the tanning salons to get tanned skin which is what others get when they spend a lot of time in the beach, sunbathing. Anyone can already get a tan from a containing of Pauly D tanning lotion.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Buy Tanning Lotion in Canada and Get the Perfect Tan Indoors

Tanning is almost synonymous to sunbathing. But that was ages ago when self- tanning methods were not yet developed. Nowadays, you can just buy tanning lotion in Canada and you will have the perfect tan without ever going to the beach.

When you look for Playboy tanning lotion online, you probably do not worry about how it works. However, you need to actually have an idea how tanning lotions work so you will be able to get the most out of it.

 How does a tanning lotion work?

Tanning lotions have DHA or dihydroxyacetone that changes the color of the skin cells. Once the lotion gets in contact with the skin, DHA reacts thereby causing it to have that tan color. This effect is almost the same when the skin gets exposed to the sun for too long. So when you buy tanning lotion in Canada, you are able to have a tan even without exposing yourself to the sun.

How come it is safe to buy Playboy tanning lotion online when in fact it reacts with the skin cells?
Most people are skeptical with tanning lotions because it may contain chemicals that are dangerous to the skin. However, with tanning lotions, the chemical only reacts against the outermost layer of the skin. This means that only the cells that are almost up for naturally sloughing off get affected. Notice that once you use a tanning lotion, you get to only keep it for a maximum of one week or less. This is primarily because the skin cells die a natural death after this time and once it separates from the healthy cells, the chemical comes along with it revealing a lighter shade of skin.

How do you get yourself protected when you choose to buy tanning lotion in Canada?

Most tanning lotions have little or no effect on the skin other than make it look like having an orange tinge after application. However, when you search for Playboy tanning lotion online, you will notice that there are certain tanning lotion brands that contain moisturizers and sunscreens. These tanning lotions will give some amount of protection against the sun when you unintentionally expose yourself to it. More than just giving you that orange tinge that you want for your skin, it also gives you the protection that will help prevent you from having dreadful skin conditions including skin cancer.

The perfect tan does not need to be achieved only outdoors. Once you buy tanning lotion in Canada, you get to learn that it is possible to have a tan that looks good as those which are baked from the sun even when you stay indoors. Why take the risk of endangering yourself to skin cancer and other conditions that you can get from sun exposure when you can comfortable and safely tan your skin inside the comfort of your room? Get the perfect tan indoors and you will never have to worry about looking sun kissed anytime that you want.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Reasons to Use Devoted Creations Lotions

Tanning indoors and outdoors can dry out the skin if it is not done properly. Maybe some of us have seen people walking around trying to hide their tan gone wrong, but could not hide successfully. Certain elements could have been at play, but without a tanning lotion, you will not be able to get results desired. Did you know that as you sit to achieve the glow and tan that you want, your body and skin is working hard to keep yourself hydrated? Extreme sunlight without protection can dry out the skin. On top of that, did you know that if you miss out on applying tanning lotion, you are at risk of exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays? If you want to read more reasons why you should order Devoted Creations Lotions online, continue reading below.

Reasons to Use Tanning Lotions

  • SPF. Tanning lotions contains SPF that come in different ranges as needed for the skin. It is good to apply these lotions as you target specific areas or your whole body to tan. Enjoy the sunlight while blocking out the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Hydration. No one wants to showcase a tan on dry skin. Skin can crack and if not taken care of could also peel. When you order tanning lotion in Canada on-line, they have hydrating properties so that your skin can still be nourished while you tan. It will be able to take care of your skin even after you have had your tan as your skin needs continuous hydration even if you’re out of the sun.
  • Color. Obviously, many people tan in order to achieve a darker or bronzer color. This also comes in handy when winter might roll around and you would like a touch of summer to carry along with you. Tanning lotions have bronzers and other darkening properties that can help you achieve the color that you want. You can check the tanning lotion to see which color you think is more suitable for you.

There were some customers who gave reviews on their order Devoted Creations Lotions. This brand carries many kinds of tanning lotions, bronzers, moisturizers, and more. For the bronzing tanning lotion, there were customers who were happy that it helped protect their tattoo from fading. One customer shared that in just a few minutes she was able to achieve a darker bronze that she was satisfied with. In terms of its aroma, a customer said that the tanning smell went away after the tanning process was done and just smelled like ordinary lotion which she enjoyed very much.

Order Devoted Creations Lotions online or in your local stores. You can do a little bit of research online to see which store is closest to you; of course ordering online is at your convenience. The prices for its many different products vary. There are also those in different sizes for your convenience and preference. Whether you are looking for a tanning lotion or a moisturizer, you can find one that is suitable to the needs of your skin.